Tuesday, March 12, 2019

We Should Have Won S.O.L 19

Ok so this was on Saturday we going to the Max. Once we got there I started warming up with my team, then my coaches came down he was talking to us about when were going to have practice and how we need to get ready for the big season of NISL a soccer league where it can bring you to bigger leagues. We entered the field we were ready in our positions, the whistle blew. In the first half of the game we scored one and guess who scored me. But then in second half they scored 2 so it was down to 1-2 we were of course losing because they scored 2. But at the last minute it was insane we made a play and we were getting close to scoring and the game ended but the ball got in at the last second, then the ball got in but the ref didn’t count it we should have won. The opponents parents started screaming in joy while our parents and teammates were arguing at the ref. We would rematch them but we need to follow by schedule. All of us were really mad. But when the coach had a meeting with us he said we need to learn how to lose too because we haves been on a winning streak. But the important thing is I had fun.


  1. You guys tried so I give you guys props for that hopefully you guys win the next one.

  2. That is good that you had fun but I think you should of won