Friday, March 22, 2019

Come Do Clan Tryouts S.O.L 19

So me and my friends Stan short for Stanisa and Jesse created a Fortnite clan called CoRe and we are the only members except for my younger brother he is our bench warmer. Our leader is Stan and he is a god he has tons of clips of him destroying kids with trick shots, he also is a good builder he used to be in OcTo clan which is a good clan and is on YouTube but he left to be with us. Any one can join all they have to do is 1v1 Stan and if you beat him but we won’t find out which 1v1 game you’ll play until Stan decides he also calls the rules. So if you think you’re good then 1v1 Stan and beat him to join CoRe. Last thing we might be changing our clan name. Good luck on clan tryouts.

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