Friday, March 22, 2019

Come Do Clan Tryouts S.O.L 19

So me and my friends Stan short for Stanisa and Jesse created a Fortnite clan called CoRe and we are the only members except for my younger brother he is our bench warmer. Our leader is Stan and he is a god he has tons of clips of him destroying kids with trick shots, he also is a good builder he used to be in OcTo clan which is a good clan and is on YouTube but he left to be with us. Any one can join all they have to do is 1v1 Stan and if you beat him but we won’t find out which 1v1 game you’ll play until Stan decides he also calls the rules. So if you think you’re good then 1v1 Stan and beat him to join CoRe. Last thing we might be changing our clan name. Good luck on clan tryouts.

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Book Clubs The Absolutely True Story of a Part-Time Indian

My book is part time Indian and it’s inspiring because Junior is doing things he’s never done before like standing up to Roger or making the varsity basketball team and becoming one of there star players. Junior also goes through difficult moments like losing Grandmother Spirit, Eugene, and his his sister. So far my book club is doing pretty good on communication but a promblem is a lot of them don’t read so they are behind and never be in our book club conversations.

Friday, March 15, 2019

Rain Storm S.O.L 19

So today in the morning I brought a fabfric sweater because it was pretty warm. But then all of the sudden in the middle of 1st block it starts raining really hard. In 2nd block we start hearing thunder and the sky is kind of gray. In third block right now 12:00pm in the morning it rained harder than before and the thunder got louder, but right now 12:05 the rain finally dried up. I just hope it dries up before I go outside.

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

We Should Have Won S.O.L 19

Ok so this was on Saturday we going to the Max. Once we got there I started warming up with my team, then my coaches came down he was talking to us about when were going to have practice and how we need to get ready for the big season of NISL a soccer league where it can bring you to bigger leagues. We entered the field we were ready in our positions, the whistle blew. In the first half of the game we scored one and guess who scored me. But then in second half they scored 2 so it was down to 1-2 we were of course losing because they scored 2. But at the last minute it was insane we made a play and we were getting close to scoring and the game ended but the ball got in at the last second, then the ball got in but the ref didn’t count it we should have won. The opponents parents started screaming in joy while our parents and teammates were arguing at the ref. We would rematch them but we need to follow by schedule. All of us were really mad. But when the coach had a meeting with us he said we need to learn how to lose too because we haves been on a winning streak. But the important thing is I had fun.

Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Car Pool S.O.L 19

So on Saturday my dad was working and my brother had a soccer game so my mom brought him to his game, so my coach was picking me up. He arrived and my friend Soul and the coaches son, my teammate Marcos. My coach was talking to Soul about which high school he wants to go to and he said Morton but his parents say you have better opportunities. But my coach told him that Morton is a good school if you actually try, and since we are soccer players there team is good. My coach asked me which high school I would want to got to and I said Morton or Nazareth. He said “not Nazareth but if you want to play soccer then join.” So all we talked about is which high school we would want to go to.

Monday, February 25, 2019

My New 2 New Pets S.O.L 19

I got 2 new pets on Saturday, they are fish. They were originally from my moms office at work, she brought 2 fish because she has more fish and a ghost shrimp. I think we got because my younger brother has always been asking for a pet fish. So far we haven’t named them yet we might name them this weekend. Another cool thing is we might get 1 or 2 snails to clean the tank. A cool fact about my fish is that they can go 2 weeks without eating. They are small and yoy can kind of see trough them, they have big eyes, they both have one stripe of orange on each side of their body. Something that I won’t handle with them is telling which one is which.

P.S Comment What the names of the fish should be.

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Stop It

Stop it is a app to report cyber bullying like,calling names comments, mean roasting, inappropriate language, and all that stuff. It's a free app. If someone cyber bulls you you can report them to your teacher. Stop it is a app for anyone even grown ups. That's why people wanted the app to prevent cyber bulling from posts or any other thing.